Do Your Marketing Emails Look Terrible on Mobile Devices? That’s a Problem

Email marketing is tricky enough without us making the task even more complicated. With mobile email open rates rising quickly, it can be a virtual death sentence for your business if you neglect optimizing your marketing emails for small screens.

Mobile email open rates are on fire!

According to a study by, mobile opens accounted for 36 percent of all email opens in early 2012. Also, it’s by far (by 74 percent!) the preferred method of communication by online adults. And it’s not just phones on one platform either. ReturnPath reports that iPhones account for 59 percent of the open rate share, iPads 26 percent, Androids 14 percent and Windows phones and devices less than 1 percent. The takeaway here is that it’s not simply phones, and not necessarily on the move.

Some tips for optimizing your marketing emails

So just how do you go about optimizing your marketing emails? Not to fear, we won’t leave you in the lurch! Here are some must-do tips that really help make sure your messaging shows up the way you’ve intended it to!

  • Keep your messages short. People, especially on mobile devices, have a short attention span. Make punchy, enticing subject lines and material that keeps your reader engaged.
  • Keep image files small, as large files take significantly longer to load, you don’t want people exiting before they even get a chance to see what you’ve got!
  • Keep your font sizes in your main content at least 14, and headlines around 30. Anything below 13 will get automatically changed by the iPhone, and can wreck your formatting.
  • Make sure any calls to action are big enough for easy tapping. The average adult fingertip measures around 45 pixels, so keep that in mind.
  • Test your emails on different platforms before sending them out. Better safe than sorry!

Optimizing your emails is not a choice if you’re wanting to win with email. You must get on this today, as you can be sure your competitors will!

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