Premium APP Package

Fully featured & customized to your restaurant


Your restaurant’s unique appeal is graphically designed and built into a customized branded app to give to your diners. Published on both iPhone and Android smartphones, as well as tablets, it provides a new channel of direct communication to your happy customers.

Monthly APP Hosting & Mgmt

with Content Mgmt System Access

$36/mo or $360/yr

Throughout the life of your APP you decide. We can do all your updates, edits, building of your coupons, and sending of your Push Notifications for you, or you can retain control and manage that yourself. You always get Back-Office access to your APP’s content and analytics. You’re given phone and email support to help you maximize the power of your APP.

1. Loyalty Rewards
2. Menu Tab
3. Facebook & Twitter Integration
4. About Pages – Phone, Address, Directions, Website
5. Map, GPS Locator
6. Customer Feedback
7. Sharing Features
8. Fan Page
9. Events Tab
10. Tip Calculator
11. Collect Email List
12. QR Check-In Coupon
13. Take & Upload Photos
14. Gallery Page
15. Video Channel
16. Car Finder
17. Blog or News Page
18. Mobile Games Page
19. Points of Interest
20. Reservations Integration
21. Job Application Form
More Coming

Include a digital loyalty card for your customers, one they will never forget, lose, or get mangled again.

Your wait staff validates them with a code. Foolproof and many times more powerful than traditional loyalty methods.

Check-In Coupons use either of two methods: 1) a Geo-Locator, which automatically opens a coupon when the customer is within the vicinity of your restaurant. Or 2) a QR-Code, which is easily scanned from within your APP by the customer when he or she visits your restaurant.

You attach a custom coupon offer to the Check-In feature. For example, you might give a free ice-cream dessert upon Check-In, or a Two-For-One coupon once per month. Many options can be had. We start it simple for you.

Your APP connects with Facebook and Twitter users in three ways, giving you increased visibility on these high-exposure platforms.

1) Customers will discover your APP from within their Facebook or Twitter accounts.
2) All messages (Push Notifications) sent from your app post simultaneously to your Facebook and Twitter pages.
3) Inside your app, folks can connect and give feedback through these social media accounts.

iPad users tend to be affluent and also more of them are women. iPads have been a growth driver for the mobile PC market in the past few years. Over 100 million iPads are being sold each year. Definitely worth the extra investment it takes to create an iPad version of your APP to reach this affluent mobile user, too.

Your messages get boosted with the utility of an attached coupon or event notice. This “coupon” has to be built, it’s not automatic. We do that for you, making sure your text messages have a visual component for engagement with your diners. Also, they can be assured that your offer is not lost, as long as they have their smartphone with them. And by the way, it’s never much more than three feet away from them at all times.

We customize all our Basic APPS, however, with the Advanced Graphics Package we include some “fancy” options that enhance the users experience tremendously. Custom designed sliders (up to five of them) give your APP engaging movement on its HomePage that guides the user to special functions inside your APP. You can add promotions, menu and ordering options. All designed to give your APP an aesthetic appeal.

In addition, we provide customized icons for inside your APP. These give your APP more color and appeal. Everything to make your customer feel special about using your APP.

Google changed their algorithm again. Since April 2015 they now favor mobile-friendly websites. If yours isn’t, your losing customers.

Make your mobile visitor happy. Ever go to a website on your smartphone and feel like you’ve entered navigation hell? Impossible text. No call button. If that’s what your customers get when they visit yours, you are losing them.

We create simple mobile versions of your website,extremely user-friendly and perfectly optimized for the smartphone user. Most people on the go are looking for your menu, which we make sure looks good on your smartphone.

We want you cooking, serving your guests, managing your restaurant — doing what you do best — and leave the APP management and marketing stuff to us — what we do best.

Therefore, for an additional $35/mo we send for you all you weekly messages (Push Notifications) from your APP. We write them up, schedule them, and send them out, with your guidance, of course.

This is our “Done For You” service. Keeping your APP current in the minds of your diners.

Let us introduce the most powerful marketing feature of your APP: PERSONAL MARKETING with Push Notifications.

Unique to an APP is this powerful tool that allows you to send instant text messages (Push Notifications) to all APP holders as often as you like, without incurring additional texting fees. You can announce menu changes, upcoming events, new special offers, and coupons.

You have password access to check your APP usage analytics and to send your own APP messages (Push Notifications).

Likewise, you can do your own immediate updates and edits to your menu content, if you like. Or, as most do, you can let our team do those changes for you for free.

We actually build your APP twice. Once for the iPhone platform (sold on iTunes App Store) and, second, for the Android platform (sold on GooglePlay Store).

As you know, these technologies are continuously being improved. Thus, we recommend to keep your APP performing at its best by doing periodical platform upgrades, usually every 12-18 months. These version upgrades are only $150.

Your account gets personalized service. We assign one person exclusive to you that keeps your account up to date on new features, training opportunities, and marketing ideas.

This part of your Monthly Package separates the orchestra from the one-man-band. We coordinate with whoever does your restaurant marketing, your contact person. We give you ongoing access to our professional marketers, who help in preparing and sending weekly messages to all your APP holders for you.

We don’t just give you this “Grand Piano” called an APP, we help you play “music” with it. We are your orchestra. We are like a marketing staff at your behest.

All APPS Include:

When your staff becomes familiar with your APP, they will help optimize customer engagement with your APP.

We provide you a quick Staff Guide sheet. Also, in your APP back-office we have short, simple training videos that your staff can access for tips on using your app. Additionally, we provide email and phone support for any questions that arise when using your app. We’re here to help.

You want to let the world know you have an APP. We help you do that with several signage options.

We provide your restaurant ten marquees or standing signs for your counter or tabletops. Additionally, we prepare the graphics you will need for promoting your app; we send you those image files in several standard sizes to use for your displays. We have created several different table top display options from which to choose to match your unique restaurant promotion needs.

We list (or update) your restaurant on a minimum of 10 restaurant directories. Separately, this is an $99 service, we give it to you at the start of your APP as a completely free bonus to ensure your success with your mobile APP. Making sure your restaurant information and its menu is highlighted accurately on these social review sites is a critical piece to round out your mobile marketing strategy, by giving you an immediate local presence online. Each site prompts potential customers to download your APP.

Unconditional Guarantee

Within the first fourteen days of your live operational APP, if for any reason you are not satisfied, we will refund your money and rescind our contract. We stand behind our work to guarantee your happiness.

~ from SMAKmobi’s Executive Staff