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Your Customer Is Smartphone Savvy

Shouldn't your business be, too?
By giving your customer a good mobile experience, you get their attention and remain relevant.

Business Apps

At SMAKmobi, we enable any business to affordably brand itself with a mobile application.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

If your website is more than a year old, chances are it's not mobile-friendly. We mobilize it.

Mobile Marketing

Smartphone marketing means getting your message into the hands of consumers in an entirely mobile way.

Fast-Moving Mobile Customers Want It Now!

Not only do smartphone users expect to find the information they want right away, they are ready to take action on it as soon as they get it. They depend upon instant accessibility.

Smart business owners understand the power of mobile marketing

You can literally put your business into your customer’s pocket. And as the repertoire of mobile tools expands every day – social media, text messaging, mobile coupons, loyalty offers, online ordering, QR codes, interactive media – business owners struggle to keep up.

SMAKmobi delivers more than mobile business apps and mobile-friendly websites. We consult with local business owners to help them connect with their customers using smartphone technologies and tactics.

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